Top 7 Types of Advertising ; Pick the One That Boosts Your Business

types of advertising

What is there in starting a business if you do not tell people about it? The success of a small venture turning into a business empire is the result of so many prudent decisions. Among them, type of advertising tops the list. A business that employs effective advertising methods will always have a competitive edge. Several benefits of advertising equip these businesses to seize the market.  Let’s have a look at some of them.

Brand Awareness: Advertising creates brand awareness and takes your brand to a broader audience

Increased Visibility: Enhances visibility and helps businesses reach potential customers.

Builds Brand Identity: Targeted and strategic advertising enables small businesses to create a brand identity.

Sales Generation: With persuasive and targeted messages, advertising can drive sales and multiply the revenue of a business.

As the advertising industry is highly competitive, it is crucial to pick the best from various types of advertising. It should suit your budget and business goals.  In this blog, we will go through the top seven types of advertising that can boost your business.

Let’s Pick the Top 7 from Different Types of Advertising

1. Elevator Advertising to Allure Them in Those Moments of Waiting

elevator advertising
Elevator Advertising

Elevator branding or lift branding is one of the most effective types of advertising. It has enormous potential to promote your brand and create a brand identity.

Grabbing attention in this fast-paced world is a herculean task. Here is exactly where elevator branding kicks in. Lifts are part and parcel of any metropolis. No other places like an elevator can grab the public attention. Further, people from all walks of life frequent public places where elevators are a necessary amenity. Therefore, lift branding presents the opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience. Moreover, lift branding captivates people with its artwork, striking colors, and engaging graphics. 

Benefits of Elevator Advertising / Lift Branding 

High Visibility:   People wait in front of an elevator for at least a few minutes. The vibrant lift ads will keep them engaged. Thus, elevator branding is an excellent option to bring people

Repeated Exposure: People use lifts frequently and the repeated exposure to the ads imprints them in their minds. It gradually reinforces the brand’s name. As a result, the probability of converting a prospect into a customer is very high.

2. Pay Per Click Where Every Penny Is a Click

PPC Advertising
PPC Advertising

PPC  is a type of advertising in which businesses have to pay only when a customer clicks one of their ads. Rather than earning clicks to your website organically, it drives clicks to your website through ads on search engines. For instance, sponsored ads come at the top of Google’s search results page and are a type of PPC advertising.   Bing Ads is another popular PPC advertising.

Benefits of PPC

Enhanced customer reach: Your business can connect with people who are searching for products like yours. Thus, you can respond to that search by providing them with an offer attuned to their search 

Cost-effective lead generation: PPC  enables you to reach potential customers when they are searching and ready to buy. Hence, it is a highly effective approach for drawing potential customers to your website. Additionally, search engines will reward you with discounts for giving the solution to their visitors’ search queries.

Thus, PPC is an ideal option for start-ups and small businesses with tight budgets. It helps them to reach a wider audience and attracts more customers without spending huge money. Every penny counts here.

3. LED Advertising to Give That Immersive Experience

LED Advertising
LED Advertising

LED advertising is one of the unique and immersive types of advertising.  It displays your brand in high-resolution images and videos on LED screens. You can embrace LED advertising for both outdoor and indoor commercials. 

 LED displays in places including shopping malls, railway stations, and airports, create an immersive experience and engage people. Thus, people become more receptive to advertisements. It is an excellent way to grab the attention of a market inundated with various types of advertising.

Advantages of LED advertising

LED advertising has enormous potential for creativity compared to static billboards. It can combine texts, images, audio, and videos with eye-catching colors and formats. Similarly, LED advertising utilizes the possibilities of animation to engage the audience. As a result, your brand makes imprints on their minds. Eventually, it enhances brand visibility.

·        Modern LED displays are cost-effective and economical compared to traditional display ads. The high-definition screens can display top-grade content using minimal energy.

·        Similarly, You can control some LED ads remotely.

4. Social Media Marketing Is the Need of the Hour

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing has been gaining unprecedented popularity among businesses. Moreover, small businesses have been embracing SMM at a rapid pace. It is because advertising through social media is cost-effective and targets the right audience.  Further, your brand can reach a wider audience and specific demography through social media marketing. As a result, it drives traffic, generates leads, and builds brand awareness using various social media platforms.

Accordingly, there are several social media platforms on which you can promote your brand. For instance, through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you can tell your brand’s story with targeted marketing. Thus, social media advertising attracts the right audience for your brand through pictures, stories, carousels, videos, and many other tools. Moreover, your business can set measurable   goals with social media marketing.

5. Broadcast Advertising Never Goes Out of Competition

Broadcast Advertising
Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast advertising is still a popular type of advertising that uses radio and television to connect with a large audience. Owing to its potential to reach a broad audience, it is one of the most effective types of advertising that many businesses adopt

When you make a significant investment upfront for TV ads, it pays the dividend by its wide reach. It justifies your investment and ensures you a substantial return on investment.

However, TV and radio ads may be expensive.   The cost of broadcast ads may be a bit expensive depending on various factors including length and time of the ad. However, small businesses can utilize local TV and radio stations for cost-effective advertising.

6. Hoardings, the Cost-Effective Types of Advertising


Hoardings are one of the cost-effective type of advertising that use big boards to advertise your products and services. Their strategic placements in areas with high traffic like highways, and urban centers capture the attention of the larger public. Compared to other types of advertising, Hoardings are cost-effective.

Hoarding advertisement offers several options such as billboards, Unipole, and Wallscape to advertise your brands.  They provide unique benefits allowing businesses to customize their advertising strategy to meet specific marketing goals. Your business can make the most out of it by choosing the ideal location, layout, medium, and placement for your hoardings. As a result, you can connect with the target audience effortlessly.  

7. Email Marketing to be Under The Radar of Customers

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective type of advertising that engages with your existing customers and reaches potential customers on a regular basis. By sending valuable information through emails and newsletters,  you can actively keep your customers updated. Whether it is promotional offers or industry insights, email marketing is one of the best personalized and targeted types of advertising.

Let’s Wrap Up

Advertising is your best ally without whom your business cannot thrive in this age of consumerism. Every penny you earmark for the advertisement can break or make your business. Hence, make sure that you select the best type of advertisement that can take your business to the next level. Advantage Marketing Solutions can be your key partner in achieving this goal, providing expert strategies and innovative approaches to amplify your brand’s reach and success.

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