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Advantage is a Marketing and Advertising firm which specializes in Targeted Advertising. It is a company from the house of TKM, which is one of the leading business and educational groups in Kerala with over 65 years of excellence.


Why Elevator Advertising

  • Reach the right Target segment: High Income groups with good disposable income.
  • Residents uses elevator on an average of 5 times/day: Captive Audience.
  • An elevator ride lasts 30-80 sec, an ideal time span to communicate.
  • Inside elevator, eyes and ears of public look for sources of information/entertainment.
  • No external stimuli to distract audience.
  • Exclusiveness doubled by repeated exposure to message.
  • Readership for elevator commercial > 90%.
  • Elevator Advertising recall rate is 45%, much higher than traditional media vehicles.
  • Cost to reach customer much lesser than other forms of advertisements. Excellent ROI.


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