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Our goal is to promote brand value through the use of elevator space and time with Lift Branding.

To win over your customers, you must capture their attention and time. Brands and companies are competing against each other every day to climb the ladder of retail success as markets become increasingly competitive. Advertising plays a crucial role in determining the progress of a brand in this scenario. Planning well-executed marketing strategies can do wonders for brand outreach.

There are tons of advertisements everywhere, so it is crucial to draw your viewers’ attention. It can be highly effective if we use lift branding in apartment buildings since it grabs much attention. So, lift branding or elevator branding in Kerala can be a unique way to catch consumers’ interest. Advertisements should catch the attention of viewers without any interruption. This can be achieved through lift branding.

The elevator ad uses a consumer’s actual “captive” time. Many other media can be overlooked because your audience has easy ways to skip ahead, change stations, or click away. But If you place your ads in an elevator, your target audience will gladly read them to avoid boredom and your message will sink in well.

Why Lift Branding?

  • Target the right group with good disposable income.
  • The exclusivity of repeated messages is doubled.
  • Daily recalls of brands for the entire month.
  • Excellent ROI – Return On Investment with elevator/lift branding.
  • The average resident uses the elevator five times per day: Captive Audience – 100% visibility.
  • Within elevators, the public looks for sources of information and entertainment.
  • With an opportunity to change advertisement creatives every 15 days in lift branding.
  • They are not distracted by external stimuli.
  • An elevator commercial has an average readership of 90%.
  • High visibility in high-end apartments with affluent families.
  • It costs much less than other means of reaching customers.
  • A 30-80-second elevator ride provides an ideal time for communication with lift branding.
  • Advertisements on elevators have a recall rate of 45%, much higher than traditional media channels.

Is lift branding worth your investment?

Elevator/ Lift Branding is an effective marketing strategy. In the closed environment of an elevator, a person getting influenced by a brand ad displayed is very likely. The individual will remember your brand more readily, thus creating a more lasting impression. An enclosed space will protect the image of the brand from external distractions. As a result, such a viewing experience leaves a deep impression on the minds of those looking at it. In addition, elevator branding has been proven to increase sales for brands. When someone is in a lift, they are likely to register the brand subconsciously, as well.

Furthermore, a person uses an elevator several times a day. Hence, lift branding can create multiple impressions of a brand. A person reads and sees the brand in a quiet space for some time. Consequently, consumers will automatically recognize the brand. You can also reach out to your target audience with this kind of promotional activity by branding specific buildings and housing societies.

Advertisements are placed inside the elevators of a residential complex. By strategically placing these ads, users can get the brand’s ethos within a fraction of a second. Furthermore, Elevator Advertising enhances recall and conversion rates due to the captive environment.

We Are Unique - What Makes Us So?

We are the sole provider of elevator advertising in Trivandrum, Kottayam, Kochi, Kozhikode, and Chennai.
  • Targeting hard-to-reach audiences for brand promotion.
  • Our goal is to keep society members up-to-date with market information.
  • It is our unique concept of lift branding that sets us apart from our competitors.
  • Having a one-stop solution for Elevator branding means we connect with apartment dealers, install the setup, put up posters, and remove and update them as needed.
  • Retaining brand loyalty through creative approaches with lift branding.
  • The audience group consists of premium apartment owners having 1 to 2 cars
  • In a residential complex, a person uses the lift an average of 4-5 times per week, allowing the lift to capture an unreachable audience and broaden the customer base within just 20-25 seconds.

A one-stop solution for lift branding

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