Top 15 SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website in 2023

SEO Techniques

Perhaps, it’s in the wee hours that Google comes up with a new algorithm, or maybe your customers have started resorting to mobile phones for their online searches. So, to keep up with these evolving algorithms and user behavior, you need to strengthen your marketing strategies so that you can increase organic traffic to your website. Nothing other than having updated search engine optimization technologies in your arsenal can help you better navigate through the twist and turns of virtual space. In this blog, let’s explore the top 15 SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website.

 1. Maximizing user experience (UX) is one of the best SEO techniques

If a user bounces from your site, it signals Google that the site may not be what the user looks for. Hence, along with content and keywords, user experience(UX) is a crucial SEO technique to increase dwell time. Hence optimize UX for enhanced accessibility and navigation. Since Google has begun rolling out its Core Web Vitals update, UX is an even more important ranking factor.

Some tips for gifting a seamless user experience

Deliver easily navigable content by incorporating a table of contents, shorter paragraphs, clear headlines, etc.

Make sure that the content and images meet the search intent.

To speed up the loading of each web page, reduce the size of the image

2. Keyword-optimized SEO techniques

Keyword, the evergreen SEO technique also needs updates. Let’s explore three main keyword tactics, you cannot miss in 2023.

Long tail keywords: Long-tail keyword concentration is an excellent SEO technique. They are lengthier and more precise and convert better. It is much simpler to rank for long-tail keywords because fewer websites compete for top positions in Google’s result pages. Focusing on long-tail keywords has another advantage too. For instance, visitors who find your website using them are more likely to purchase your service or product.

Keyword clusters: Try to concentrate your writing on keyword clusters rather than one keyword to avoid losing readers. Create engaging content, and write to the target audience with answers to any questions they could have. Moreover, incorporate phrases and semantically related keywords into your writing.

High-intent keywords: By deploying high-intent keywords, you are aligning your website with the demands of the target audience. Eventually, it will increase the brand’s visibility.

 3. AI is at your service

Marketing applications have leveraged the potential of AI since its inception. Judiciously deploying   AI to your SEO techniques can save time and bring wonderful results. However, it is counterproductive to pump in content with AI content generators. In such a scenario,  you should utilize AI  applications without compromising on originality.

Accordingly, you can command the  AI to assist you in crafting content briefs, content outlines, and content ideas. For instance, AI-generated content briefs can assist in the selection of keywords, topics, and subtopics. Further, when you have that writer’s block, AI can suggest ideas and be a team member in the brainstorming session. All these will ease your efforts and bring more traffic.

 4. Craft a mobile-friendly website

Mobile phones have become an extended hand and people rely on mobile phones for online searches. Further, they load so quickly. Moreover, mobile phones are more accessible than a computer in every nook and corner of the world. Hence, it is imperative to design a mobile-friendly website. Besides, nowadays, Google crawls and ranks mobile websites first. Hence, to boost visibility, you have to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile phones.

5. Internal linking

Your content needs links to rank. When your posts and pages are linked to another website, search engines will find them more easily. Therefore, internal links are a useful SEO technique for connecting pages on your website using specific keywords. Moreover, since traffic is not evenly distributed among all sites, many pages go unnoticed. Interlinking can help to more equally distribute traffic and draw attention to areas of your website that might not otherwise get attention.

 However, it is counterproductive to have too many internal links. Because cross-linking makes it difficult for search engines to understand the structure and importance of one page to another. Hence, to put internal links wisely.

6. Speed up website load time

A user expects to load the website within four seconds. When your site takes more time to load, the user will leave the site resulting in an increased bounce rate. Even a one-second delay can cost you 7% conversions. It’s, therefore, necessary that you optimize its performance.

 How to speed up the website?

Utilize tools like Core Web Vitals or Google’s Page Speed Insights to track your site’s loading time & gather suggestions for optimization.

Utilize  SERP tools available to gauge the speed of your website.

7. Quality backlinks

As an SEO technique that stands the test of time, getting backlinks from reliable websites is crucial. You can establish authority in your specific niche and raise your search engine rankings for targeted keywords by earning backlinks. But here, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Focus on creating high DA backlinks.

Avoid creating links via spam.

Stay away from sponsored links

Verify that backlinks come from indexed sites.

8. Give due importance to featured snippets

Featured snippets,  boost visibility and reserve prominent placement for your website in the SERP. A featured snippet is a portion of content that shows up in a rectangular box at the very top of a search engine results page (SERP), commonly known as position zero. While the specific content that appears in a featured snippet is difficult to control, you can optimize your content to make it more likely to be featured.

Accordingly, how-to guides, frequently asked questions, lists with bullets, and single sentences can all be used as featured snippets. Focusing on these realms will thus drive more traffic to your website.

To get to the top in the form of a featured snippet, you can attentively analyze the searcher, what they’re looking for, and their search behavior. Find profitable keywords and topics to write about by using Google’s autocomplete or the “People also ask” areas. Further, ensure that your content contains the appropriate schema markup so that it can be found in search results. You can use The Google Schema Markup Testing Tool to test your markup.

9. Prioritize On-page SEO

On-page optimization is still one of the SEO techniques to attract traffic to your website in 2023. It ensures quick results in less time

Here are some top recommendations for on-site SEO:

Try to begin title tags with your keywords.

Create long-form content with a goal of at least 1,800 words.

On each page, place your keyword two to three times without resorting to keyword stuffing.

10. Videos: Need of the hour

It is anticipated that 82% of content to be published in video format globally in 2023.  People are more likely to stay on a website when there is video content since it hooks their attention. And it says, apart from the blog post and white papers, video content is going to help you to climb the search engine rankings. The more a user stays on your site the more it convinces the search engine that you are offering the intended search result. Hence, video content is the best attention-grabbing SEO technique.

 11. Optimize images to entice search engines

Images work beyond making your website attractive and engaging. It makes image optimization an important SEO technique.

For instance, the alt text of your images should contain your SEO keywords. It is significant in content optimization for search engines. Further, when it comes to image size, pay attention to the dimensions and angles reducing the media size on the page will speed up performance.  Hence work on the image so that your page will fall under Google’s radar.

12. Eschew Keyword Cannibalization

Let me make it clear. Do not use the same focus keyword to optimize many pieces of content. If you deploy the same keywords for more than one content, it means that your website will fight with itself for rankings. Hence, the better solution to increase traffic is to update your content and try different keywords.

13. Off-Page SEO optimization

Off-page SEO is essential for enhancing your site’s credibility and visibility. All that is done outside of your website is referred to as ‘off-page SEO,’ and it influences how you appear in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Hence, to increase a website’s reputation, authority, and relevance in the eyes of search engines, give a thrust on off-page optimization techniques like link building, social media marketing, influencer outreach, content marketing, and other tactics.

14. Optimize URL

URL optimization is an important SEO technique that you must pay more attention to. A well-structured URL can make it simpler for search engines to crawl and index your website by assisting them in understanding the content of a web page. You can improve your website’s overall SEO and make it simpler for visitors by optimizing your website’s URLs. You should make sure that your URL is short, correctly structured, and keyword-optimized. It will help scale up your website’s ranking.

15. Capitalize on paid ads for link building

Link building is a crucial but time-consuming SEO techniques. So in 2023, what you can do is find techniques that allow you to build links in a shorter period. And one such solution is to utilize the possibilities of paid ads. They are google approved and the safest way to get backlinks without spending much time. As a result, your content will appear on the top of the front page and attract clicks and traffic. Consequently, it increases the chances of getting more backlinks. Therefore if the budget allows, resorting to paid ads will be one of the best SEO techniques you can rely on.

Let’s wrap up.

In short, incorporate the constantly evolving SEO techniques to boost visibility and increase organic traffic to your website. However, sift through the techniques and select the best that fills the gap in your website. SEO is a long-term investment that needs constant updation frequently resulting in increased organic traffic. Accordingly, your SEO approach needs to be up-to-date to stay ahead of the curve.

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