Product or brand? Which comes first? Taking a stance favoring a product.

Do you often find yourself eagerly waiting for the midnight launch of the latest iPhone? Yes, some of us wait for it while some sleep peacefully. But why is this difference? This difference is all about perceptions and priorities. To speak more precisely, it is about brands and products. We wait for Apple, the brand, But we sleep as we know that the market has plenty of other products.

Let’s set aside the brand or product debate for a while and support the idea that the product comes first. After all, there is no brand without a product. Later, we can track the journey of the brand.

The journey begins with a product, much like the utterly butterly Amul. 

Did  Dr.Varghese Kurian ever think that Amul and the chubby-cheeked little girl in a polka-dotted dress would conquer the hearts of an entire nation? The journey of Amul as an Indian emotion took flight when Mr.Kurian started expanding the dairy co-operative on a commercial scale. Before that, its focus was on marketing the milk and milk products of the local farmers. Gradually, the iconic Amul butter and all other dairy products entered the scene.

 When tracking the branding success of Amul, we can attribute its success to values, ethos, and an unwavering commitment to quality. From a humble beginning, Amul’s growth as a national brand reminds us that products with the right strategy and value have the potential to become iconic brands that are invincible. That’s how Amul became ‘The Taste of India’

The brand is the ‘why’ behind the product. 

 A brand is the ‘why’ behind launching a product; the why that encapsulates the vision, commitment, and story of a business. When a start-up launches a product, it essentially introduces a brand. They develop and refine their product that speaks the values of the brand. That product, over time, may dominate the market. Hence, in the initial stage, entrepreneurs focus on products. Eventually, the venture will grow into a recognizable brand. Thus, the product often comes first while the brand follows. 

Product precedes while brand follows

Yes, we’ve favored the product over the brand. But, that doesn’t mean we should solely focus on the growth of the product and neglect the brand. As the product makes significant strides, you need to keep in mind the evolution of your brand too. As a result, the brand will evolve and carve out a niche in the market.   

Now, let’s encapsulate the difference between the product-brand duo. 

The way product differs from brand

  There are plenty of differences between your product and your brand. While you make products, your consumers make your brand. Similarly, your product has clones in the market, but your brand is unique. No one can copycat your brand. Moreover, the brand is a promise that your customers get the best, and they can trust you.

For example, following the footsteps of Coca-Cola, many other cold beverages came to try their luck in the market. They aimed at replicating the phenomenal growth of Coca-Cola. But, they still need to duplicate the brand and its influence on people.

Similarly, when your brand conquers customers’ minds, it becomes eternal. On the other hand, your product has a limited shelf life.  That means you’ve got the leeway to add new features to the product, withdraw it from the market, or introduce new products. However, your brand remains a timeless promise that grows and evolves.

For instance, let’s take the case of Apple. It started with Macintosh computers and then came the iPod, iPhone, MacBooks, etc. Each product becomes obsolete and sinks into oblivion over time. But,  the Apple brand stands the test of time. Whether it’s the sleek design or cutting-edge technology, Apple comes first. 

Now, let’s glance over the crux of a product-to-brand evolution

 The Product-to-brand evolution

 1. The brand value

Once your product arrests the minds of your customers, there begins the rise of your brand. When a product earns the trust of people, the next time, they’ll choose you without exploring other options. This is exactly when your brand gets the brand value.

2. Branding for a wide reach

The real journey toward branding begins when your product gains the much-awaited brand value. This moment signals the time to ink the pact with an advertising or marketing agency. Their expertise in weaving successful branding narratives will help you make your brand voice heard amidst the cacophony of brands. It is because the branding journey is not a one-night process. It takes into consideration various facets of your product’s evolution. Through strategic campaigns,  product taglines, unique logos, packaging, collaterals, and other branding tactics, they ensure your brand’s wide reach.

The reflective moment before branding

If you are poised to begin the product-to-brand journey, reflecting upon these three fundamental questions is essential to get clarity and direction.

#1. What prompted you to come up with your product?

Brush the dust off your memory and refresh the motivation and inspiration behind the launch of your product. It will help you uncover your business’s unique selling proposition.

#2. What is your inspiration behind selling this particular idea?

To brand your product, you need to delve deep into the passion and desire that drove you to start your business. This insight helps you understand what makes your product resonate with your target audience.

#3. How will your product meet the needs of your customers?

  This question essentially answers how your product stands out in the competition. You have met some unmet needs of your customers. Capitalize on these unique offerings for branding your product.

As you start your branding journey, these fundamental questions become significant. Capitalizing on their value propositions propels your product’s movement into an established brand. Essentially, branding speaks to the vision and shows how the product resonates with customers. 

The ‘Advantage’ way of branding

#1.Muffin House: From confusion to branding success

In 2019, we started walking beside  The Muffin House, Trivandrum’s favorite bakehouse. Their commitment to quality was evident in their customer base. What they lacked was a wide brand reach. That is where Advantage stepped in and started its branding journey. After the stages of confusion and brainstorming, a long-lasting partnership bloomed. From the initial logo unveiling to the latest social media ads, advantage has been the backseat driver of Muffin House’s successful branding saga.

#2. Hand in on hand with BayRoute Bistro 

From day one of fine dining to their present status as a must-go restaurant in Alleppey, Advantage has been the trusted companion of  Bayroute Bistro. Their unparalleled variety and assured food quality fastened the branding journey. Be it social media marketing or branding strategies, as their go-to branding partner, we have been with them in every aspect of their branding journey.


It’s not that you launch a product. The catch lies in what you have to offer that your competitor cannot. That USP and the inherent values can make or break your product. It influences your product’s journey to become an established brand. While anyone can introduce a product, it is the values and quality that transform the product into an iconic brand. Hence, prioritize quality over quantity to stand the test of time as a trusted brand.

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