Angel Heavenly Breads



Project Overview

We meticulously crafted a unique identity for Angel, a bread company, by seamlessly integrating symbolic elements that resonate with the brand's essence. The incorporation of a wing within the first letter ``A`` symbolizes Angel's aspiration to elevate and soar above the competition in the baking industry, while also evoking a sense of heavenly quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, enclosing the word ``Angel`` within a fluffy cloud-like icon not only adds a playful and whimsical touch but also conveys the comforting and ethereal experience that Angel's bread products offer to consumers. The choice of orange as the primary color exudes warmth, energy, and vitality, reflecting the freshness and vibrancy of Angel's baked goods. Overall, this thoughtfully designed logo captures the essence of Angel as a brand that delivers heavenly, high-quality bread products that uplift and delight customers' senses.

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