Torn between stock photo and real photo? Then, here’s the way out

stock imags vs real images

Want to give the best shot for your creative project? Or stuck on where to browse for that exciting smile for your next toy shop assignment? Then, probably, you are caught up in a dilemma between stock image and real photos. Let’s get you the answer. This blog is here to guide you. Read on and make an informed decision.

What is stock image?

Stock images are pre-existing images that anyone can choose from a stock photo repository for creative purposes. It’s like a storage bank of photos. You can browse through a wide range of stock images and select the one that suits your creative purposes. These can be generic photos, icons, or illustrations. Owners license these photos and you’ll have to pay for their access. You can use them for marketing, website creation, presentations, social media posts, and other similar purposes. Further, stock photos come in different styles and types to meet the creative requirements.

Advantages of stock images

#1. Stock images won’t cost you a fortune

If you are stuck between stock photos or real photos, then let’s think about the cost. Stock photos are comparatively cheaper than the real ones. You do not have to hire photographers or models who command high remuneration. You can simply browse for stock images, and you will get a plethora of photos that align with your needs. Stock images are budget-friendly options.

#2. Stock photos are time savers  

If you are in your creative mode, then time is your precious investment. In such a context, you can resort to stock images. Instead of investing hours in photoshoots, you can visit the vast stock photo library. It speeds up your creative process. Moreover, there is a diverse collection of stock images. Thus, you can select the most fitting image for your project without spending time brainstorming.

#3. Stock images come in various styles

Stock photos offer versatile styles. Hence, as per your requirement, you can dive into the stock libraries and come up with the one that suits your project. Whether it’s vintage or modern, minimalistic or extravagant, these photo banks have a wide variety to offer.

Disadvantages of Stock Image

#1. Stock images fail to embrace inclusivity.

If you are browsing for a photo of a dusky-skinned Indian girl to represent your Indian brand, you may encounter challenges within the stock photo collage. This is because stock photos largely feature white people. However, the wind started changing the direction. Photos of colored people are finding a place in the stock image library. But, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for a largescale inclusion.

#2. It’s that everywhere photo

Stock photos are generic, and anyone can access them. The same photo can be used repeatedly for various projects and different brands. Overuse makes it cliched and fails to create a unique identity a brand wants to establish. Thus, over-saturation is a drawback of stock images. It’s a fact that no two brands need the same identity.

#3.License and the confusion

Before opting for a stock photo, make sure that you have a clear understanding of the licensing process. Otherwise, you may end up in trouble which can cost you and your business. However, you have the option to go for royalty-free images.

Real Images Can tell alot

Real images, as we know, are photos captured by a photographer tailored to meet the specific needs of a project, video, or concept. It’s real, period.

Advantages of real Images

#1. Nothing beats originality.

Nothing can match the originality, and this remains for photos as well. The number one feature that sets apart real images is their originality. When you pan your camera and adjust the focus, each click turns out to be authentic and personalised. This authenticity is what the creative project demands to reflect the uniqueness and convey the brand identity. Moreover, capturing a moment is always the best choice to create a beautiful narrative.

#2. That human connection cannot be traded for any stock

 Originality has that magic to connect with people. The moments you capture, the angles you adjust, the people you portray – all have the authenticity and potential to resonate with the warmth of the human mind. What else do you need to allure your audience?

Disadvantages of real images.

#1. It might get costly

The custom or real images demand a well-planned photoshoot. If you need high-quality photos, you will have to invest in people, props, photographers, equipment, and various other elements. The upfront pay may get a bit pricey.

#2. It’s quite time-consuming

 Whether it is searching for a picturesque location or waiting for the perfect lighting, photoshoots demand a lot of planning. It takes time, and you might not be able to call it a day until the scheduled shoot is completed. 

Which converts better, stock image or real photos?

Human connection and authenticity always win the race of audience engagement. Studies suggest featuring images of humans and their facial features holds the potential to forge emotional connections with the target audience. What else other than a real photo can offer this genuine connection? Therefore, conversion chances are comparatively high for real ones.

Let’s wrap it up

 In the end, it all boils down to what you want, and what you prioritize. If you are worried about your wallet, then the window to the stock image library is wide open. On the other hand, if you value originality and are ready to invest, then arranging a photoshoot and coming up with original photos is definitely your cup of tea. Think, and play your cards right. At Advantage Marketing Solutions, we say: Embrace the blend, and see your creative vision unfold in ways you never imagined. It’s not about choosing; it’s about leveraging the best of both to elevate your brand to new heights.

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