Healthcare-Digital Marketing Duo: The Right Prescription for Growth

healthcare and marketing

It is not the right thing for a patient to consult Dr. Google, but it is the right thing for a hospital to consult Google for its growth. That is what digital marketing is all about. Let’s explore how healthcare and digital marketing can go hand in hand to write success stories.

How does the healthcare- digital marketing duo propel growth?

#1. Increased visibility

 Digital marketing has the right tools to promote a healthcare service and its brand. Therefore, healthcare and marketing should go hand in hand to increase the visibility.

#2. Enhanced engagement with your patients

A strategically curated relationship between healthcare and marketing improves communication with patients and keeps them engaged. Digital marketing is one of the popular marketing channels through which you can keep your patients updated and engaged. For instance, through email marketing, and text messages, you can provide them with details on appointments, health packages, medical camps, etc.

#3. Wide audience reach and patient acquisition

Incorporating healthcare with marketing helps you reach a wider audience. Therefore, healthcare digital marketing has the wherewithal to promote your service and increase patient acquisition.

#4. Enhanced brand awareness

Through online channels and other digital marketing platforms, hospitals can reach people and establish trust and authority. It paves the way for increased brand awareness.

Healthcare and digital marketing strategies

#1. Healthcare and marketing meet first on the website 

You need to curate a visually appealing and user-friendly website as the first step toward your digital marketing journey. As people go online to fetch details about nearby hospitals, doctors, and facilities, a website is essential to provide comprehensive information about your healthcare facility.

#2. Social media is the magic wand

Social media is your trump card in healthcare marketing. People spend a good amount of time on social media handles like Instagram and Facebook. So, you can meet your audience and get them informed through these platforms. Whether it is about a health check-up package or a free medical camp, you cannot find a better place other than social media to inform people about those initiatives. Thus, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn help you to communicate with your target audience. They offer possibilities for improved patient engagement and brand awareness.

#3. Content marketing is the new norm

 People need answers to all their doubts, and they resort to Google for it. Here is where the role of content marketing becomes crucial. You can provide valuable, informative, and engaging content that addresses their doubts. For instance, you can create content on various subjects like nutrition, heart health, mental health, etc in blog or video formats. However, you have to keep in mind certain key points before embracing content marketing. They are as follows:

·       Whether it is blog posts, infographics, or video content, select the right content format that can connect with your patients and target audience

·       Promote these contents through paid advertising and social media channels.

·       Rather than infusing medical terms, provide content in layman’s language. Overuse of medical terms may make it less engaging.

·       Adopt a non-promotional stand to forgo the marketing tone.

#4. Paid advertising

Paid advertising is a game changer digital marketing tool to reach your audience swiftly. While organic search drives sustained traffic to your website in a phased manner, paid advertising gives quick and effective results. Thus, you can complement organic search with paid advertising to allure your target audience. Moreover, paid advertising is suitable to talk about specific services and target specific demographics. You can tap the potential of paid advertising by choosing the right advertising platform.

#5. Search Engine Optimisation

You can optimize your hospital’s website with SEO for high search engine rankings.  As a result, people will land on your website when they search for healthcare services.

Similarly, for localized healthcare services, you can select local SEO to make your service visible within the local community. For that, there are various techniques including optimizing online presence and collecting positive reviews.

#6. Email marketing

 It allows you to target specific groups by sending targeted messages. Here you can have a direct relationship with your patients through the most cost-effective way. Email marketing enables personalized email messages based on age, gender, location, health condition, etc. It is one of the primary sources of lead generation and it also ensures ROI.

#7. Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool of Google that allows entities to create an online presence. Your hospital can capitalize on this free tool as it helps to generate a profile with important information like contact details, location, hours of operation, and much more. As a result, when someone searches for a healthcare service, your hospital’s GMB profile will appear as one of the first results. It will show up after the paid ads and before the organic search results. People usually prefer clicking this profile as it is convenient and gives quick access. Hence GMB is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for your hospital.

How we carved out a digital  niche for Credence IVF Hospital

For credence, we adopted a digital marketing path that encompassed both online and offline strategies. From curating a website to combined campaigns across various social media platforms, we helped the hospital carve out a niche in the virtual realm. Let’s glance over our key strategies for Credence.

Lead generation  

Tapping the potential of Facebook and Instagram, we crafted Credence lead-generation campaigns and made easy conversions.

·       Sure shot WhatsApp conversion campaign

Recognizing the high conversion potential of WhatsApp, we primarily focused on WhatsApp campaigns. From initial contact to meaningful communications, we could not rely on any other platform than WhatsApp. The convenience of contact made WhatsApp the anchor of all our campaign efforts for Credence.

·       Facebook and Instagram for wider reach

 To reach a wider audience, we curated awareness and reach campaigns across meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Both of them were our allies in expanding Credence’s online presence and building brand authority.

·       Engagement campaigns to support awareness and reach the campaigns

 To attract likes, views, and shares for all our campaigns, we spend a good amount of time on engagement campaigns.  

·       GMB ads

Google My Business was one of our powerful digital marketing tools for Credence. These ads helped the hospital to enhance its visibility and stand out in searches for fertility services.

·       Offline presence with standees

We never left any stone unturned. Along with online digital marketing, we embraced offline marketing as well. Thus, we placed standees of Credence IVF at strategic points and made it easy for people to scan and enter into the world of Credence.

Wrapping up

If you can administer the right dose, the Healthcare –Digital marketing combination has the potential to take your hospital’s name to new heights. The quality of your service will reach a wider audience through meticulously crafted healthcare marketing strategies. For that, you have to shake hands with the best digital marketing agency in town.

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