How AI Is Transforming the Way We Approach Marketing and SEO?

AI marketing

Whether it was industrialization or the inception of computers at workplaces, throughout history, we’ve witnessed resistance towards new developments. However, as time unfolded, all the developments proved to be easing human efforts and multiplying productivity and growth. Artificial intelligence, the new addition to the league is no exception.

As Industry 2.0 demands deft handling of artificial intelligence, marketing, and SEO departments have embraced AI as tightly as a lifeline.  Artificial Intelligence has brought about a comprehensive overhaul of the marketing landscape. However, the human touch is integral to successful marketing. Let’s witness how the new story of marketing, AI, and humans unfolds. 

The trio of Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, and SEO

The judicious integration of AI into marketing and SEO can do wonders. In this blog, let us discuss how marketers steer their way by integrating AI  into the marketing and SEO realms of a business. 

#  Artificial intelligence tracks the customer behavior

With the ability of AI to capture customer preferences, it is changing the face of marketing. It helps businesses to have access to personalized experiences. Consequently, marketers can customize marketing campaigns by leveraging AI algorithms to identify the tastes and behaviors of customers 

 Thus AI-powered algorithms guide marketers to bring products based on previous customer interactions to the table. Thus, the integration of AI in marketing gives businesses a competitive edge. It helps them to grow and thrive in an age of data-driven and individualized marketing strategies.

#  AI writer is the one who creates and curates content

 Gone are the days of spending many hours brainstorming and writing that perfect blog. With the advent of artificial intelligence-powered writing tools, producing large content has become a cakewalk. A recent study suggests that the market for AI in content creation will reach $1.8 billion globally by 2026.

Marketers resort to AI writers to produce SEO-optimized content. The Natural Language Processing Algorithm integrated with AI Writers, helps to produce high-quality and engaging content within no time. Thus it saves valuable time.

 Further, AI writers can enhance search engine optimization of content by recommending relevant keywords and their density. Besides, AI writers can assist in the proper placement of keywords. It improves search engine rankings and increases website traffic.

#  No more waiting; Chatbots are here

One of the significant contributions of artificial intelligence is the invention of chatbots. AI-powered chatbots enhance customer engagement by giving prompt answers. They are available to assist customers 24*7. It enhances customer engagement tremendously.

In addition,  virtual assistants provide real-time support and answers to customer queries. Thus it reduces the need for manpower. As a result, marketers deploy human resources in other relevant areas of marketing.

#   AI tools to take off the burden of lead generation

Lead generation is a crucial and challenging aspect of marketing. However, with the advent of cutting-edge AI-powered software, lead generation is much simpler now. There are AI  tools that can extract the data of the right clients and customers from a large pile of data. Similarly, they are capable of giving information on where each lead is in the stage of the client’s journey.

Consequently, the marketing team can focus on other activities without depleting energy for possible leads. Thus AI tools perform the cumbersome task of lead generation effortlessly.

#   Artificial intelligence and  predictive analytics

Marketers leverage the enormous potential of AI-powered predictive analytics tools. These tools utilize a huge chunk of data to study the behavior and patterns of customer preferences to foresee the outcomes and make the finest predictions. It also helps marketers to identify target audiences in advance and make personalized campaigns proactively.

Thus, they make data-driven decisions and make sure that their campaigns are effective and reach the target audience.

#   AI enhances visibility and improves SEO Ranking

SEO, the key element of digital marketing, helps to drive organic traffic by enhancing online visibility. AI is now a pivotal tool for improving SEO ranking since it offers insightful information and optimizes myriad website elements.

The ability of AI algorithms to analyze user behavior and search engine algorithms empowers them to retrieve information from vast amounts of data. As a result, marketers can easily get data on keyword performance, content relevance, and user engagement. It helps businesses to target the right audience and boost their rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

#  AI-backed SEO strategies  

Artificial intelligence has advanced data processing capability. It positively impacts the way marketers weave  SEO strategies.

 AI tools can retrieve applicable insights about customer behavior, market trends, and competitor performance within a short amount of time. Armed with this data, marketers can find relevant keywords and create contents that correspond to user preferences and search engine algorithms. It results in optimizing SEO efforts and generating results.

Furthermore, AI makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks such as keyword research, content optimization,  reporting, and monitoring. It saves time and assesses SEO success in real time. Accordingly, marketing professionals can make proactive changes. Ultimately,  marketers get ample time for other strategic and creative initiatives.

 Similarly, AI-driven automation helps marketers stay updated with the latest SEO trends and algorithms. Consequently, they can make effective and competitive strategies that help them to stay ahead of the curve. Thus, automation accentuates productivity and performance.

#  AI Predicts website ranking

 Predicting a website’s ranking involves a multitude of variables. It encompasses variables like backlinks, on-page optimization, social signals, etc. making the website ranking prediction a cumbersome task. Here comes the role of AI. These factors can be analyzed by AI tools and make predictions on how they affect the website rankings. Marketers capitalize on this predictive capacity to come up with SEO strategies that increase the chances of achieving top rankings.

Disadvantages of AI

As of now empathy and emotion stand outside the doors of AI. As long as the AI lacks human connection, persuasive marketing strategies based on emotion and empathy will take a back seat. While  AI is the best performer of automation, the absence of creativity and human expertise puts limitations on its ability to excel in all marketing activities. As AI lags in identifying human intuitions, it fails to bring that personalized touch to the contents it churns out. 

Similarly, the probability of inaccurate information and monotonous content is seemingly very high. Further, in an era in which privacy is an endearing right, data protection and intellectual property rights can beckon legal and regulatory concerns

Owing to all these disadvantages, AI misses out on the magic formula of creativity to hook the customer  

Human Imagination and AI are very new friends

Artificial intelligence has made a tectonic shift in the way we approach marketing and SEO. It has many tools in its arsenal to skyrocket the growth of any business. However, AI is yet to replace the human imagination. Therefore, the wise step would be to integrate imagination and AI into the marketing landscape so that businesses can tap the full potential of AI. Otherwise, chances are high to increase the bounce rate rather than conversions.

Let’s wrap up

The enormous potential artificial intelligence holds should not eclipse the inevitable role of humans in the marketing realm.AI may unfold new powers in the future. But, to unlock the full potential of AI to take marketing to new heights, marketers must weave stories with two main protagonists –  Emotional humans and Logical AI.

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